408-HP shares almost the same features as the 408-P but adds an additional 14″ of high lifting, making it easier to park vehicles with taller dimensions.


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● Lifting capacity: 8,000lbs.
● AMGO ETL certified power unit comes as standard.
● High quality cylinder is designed and made to a high standard.
AMGO’s patented design concealed safety lock control device, with manual single-point lock release.
● Aero standard cables are included as standard.
● Double-   shaped columns are utilized to enhance strength.
● Non-slip platforms come with foldable drive-in ramps as standard.
● Support back to back installation to minimize space occupancy.
● Power side column can be installed at any corner.
● Extremely high lifting is suitable to park taller vehicles.
● Pull rope comes as standard.


Shipping Information

 20′ container can load 12 units.

 40′ container can load 24 units.


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