Similar to the 409-P but longer, wider, and heavier. The 409-HP can lift 85 1/2″ higher and lift.

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• AMGO exclusive hidden safety locks and manual single-point release device allows operators to unlock the safety locks from one column.
• Double-S shaped columns help increase the columns’strength.
• Skid proof diamond platform provides traction for the tires to stay put.
• Flexible design: The power side column can be installed at any corner.

• Portable design, can easily be moved by using the caster kits.

• Warranty:

5 years: Steel structured components.
3 years: Hydraulic parts and bronze bush.
2 years: Electrical components and cable.

Model 409-HP
Lifting Capacity 9,000 lbs (4000 kg)
Lifting Time 122S/54S
A:Overall Length(Inc. Ramps) 230 5/8″ (5857mm)
B:Overall Length(No Inc. Ramps) 196 7/8″ (5000mm)
C:Overall Width 126 1/4″ (3206mm)
D:Width Between Posts 112 5/8″ (2860mm)
E:Max. Lifting Height 85 1/2″ (2172mm)
F:Overall Height 94 5/8″ (2405mm)
G:Minmum Height 6 1/8″ (155mm)
H:Max. Underneath Height 80″ (2032mm)
I:Drive-Thru Clearance 98 1/4″ (2496mm)
J:Width Between Columns 42 3/8″ (1077mm)
K:Outside Edge of Runways 82 3/8″ (2093mm)
Motor 1.0HP 110V/60Hz;       2.0HP 220V/60Hz
Gross Weight 1,993 lbs (904 kg)

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