Golf Lifts Accessory No.20805


AMGO Golf Accessory are suitable for most 2 post lift in the market. The installation is simple and width is adjustable.

This design can change the 2 post lift from chassis-support to wheel-support. It is fitted for lawn mower, golf cart, snowmobile, ATV and low-chassis vehicles.


Lifting Capacity: 9,000 lbs.(4 wheels) /6,000 lbs. (3 wheels)

Adjustable Width, widely application.

Simple structure, easy to assemble.

Strengthen support platform.

Part No. 20805
Lifting Capacity 9,000 lbs. (4 wheels)

/6,000 lbs. (3 wheels)

Width (Adjustable) 110 1/4”~126”
Width of support platform 12 1/8″
Gross Weight: 428lbs
Single lift package Dimension 2850*400*375mm


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