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  • Single Post Lifts

    AMGO’s Single Post Lifts provide powerful lifting capacities while saving your space and money. The SML-7 also provides portability and can be used almost anywhere.

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  • Two Post Lifts

    AMGO’s Two Post Lifts provide heavy duty lifting capacities while saving your space and money. The OHX series are configured with Height & Width adjustment, the lifting height extremely up to 78 3/4″ for OHX-10H model.

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  • Four Post Lifts

    AMGO’s wide range of Four Post Lifts provides you every style of lift to get the job done, no matter the size. From 10,000 to 40,000lbs, you’ll find the lift you need at a price you deserve.

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AMGO Hydraulic Lifts

AMGO Manufacturing Technology

High quality cranes ensure the safety and efficiency of production.

We have the best CNC machines to craft the best products.

Our lathe machine produces quality automatic hydraulic valves.

The AMGO Advantage

Innovation and R&D: AMGO is constantly developing new technologies and bringing new innovations to market. Mobile single post lift with floating rollers, hydraulic lock mid-rise and full rise scissors lifts and large tonnage four-post truck lifts provide the new standards in quality and craftsmanship in the market, ensuring our customers have a more efficient and productive working environment.

Partnership for Success: The valuable relationships we have with our customers and suppliers have been in place for many years. These long-term partnerships prove our commitment to fostering long-lasting and successful relationships. AMGO’s “One Team” philosophy empowers us to work best when we work together.

Low Cost of Ownership: Through our commitment to high quality, reliable products, and affordable price, we consistently try to reduce manufacturing costs by developing strong supply networks and manufacturing all essential parts at AMGO. It makes AMGO proud to be called a true leading manufacturer in the world market.

Reliability: Reliability goes beyond the high-quality products and service we proudly produce and deliver each day. AMGO has more than 20 years of hydraulic manufacturing experience and we deliver reliable products and services that more than meet our customers’ demands and expectations—they exceed them.