The 407-P is a true space-saving powerhouse. The perfect parking lift for shops or home garage with limited floor space. The 407-P requires no special foundation or complicated installation.




  • 7,000lbs lifting capacity
  • AMGO exclusive hidden safety locks and manual single-point lock release
  • Multi safety locks in each column
  • Adjustable lock ladder
  • Automatic safety locks combined with redundant anti-fall devices
  • Double-S shaped columns for increased strength
  • Non-slip platform
  • Flexible Design: power side column can be installed at any corner
  • AMGO 5-3-2 Warranty


Model 407-P
Lifting Capacity 7,000lbs
Lifting Time 68s(110V)  26s(220V)
A: Overall Length (Inc Ramps) 185 1/2″ (4712mm)
B: Overall Length (No Inc. ramps) 152″ (3862mm)
C: Overall Width 94 7/8″ (2409mm)
D: Width Between Posts 85 3/8″ (2167mm)
E: Max. Lifting Height 73 3/4″ (1872mm)
F: Overall Height 82 7/8″ (2105mm)
G: Minimum Height 5 3/8″(135mm)
H: Max. Underneath Height 69 3/4″ (1772mm)
I: Drive-Thru Clearance 77″ (1956mm)
J: Width Between Runways 37″ (940mm)
K: Outside Edge of Runways 74 3/8″ (1890mm)
Gross Weight 1,543lbs(700kg)
Motor 1.0HP 110V/60Hz;  2.0HP 220V/60Hz


Exclusive Feature


Optional Parts

Shipping Information

20′ container can load 12 units.

40′ HQ container can load 36 units.


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