Enjoys most features as BP-9, BP-9X is more advanced to construct wider, taller and stronger. The reinforced structure enhances lifting reliability, providing convenient service for a vast range of vehicles. The base plate design can be installed in any workshops or garages over 9.5ft height.

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9,000 lbs capacity, commercial grade 2-post base plate lift is designed andbuilt for professional shops  and home garages to fit low ceiling workshop environment without overhead obstructions.

Single-point safety release allows the operator to unlock the safety locks from both columns simultaneously. There is also a dual locking system for additional safety.

4 three-stage arms are suitable for more vehicles.

Automatic arm restraints keep the arms locked in their proper positions.

Self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and bronze bush.

Aircraft quality cable is used for synchronization.

Detachable foot guard and tool tray allow for a clutter free workspace.


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