Double Solenoid Valve Power Unit

These single-phase, 220 Volt, auto-hoist,AC power units are interchangeable for all vertical mount, 220 Volt, two and four-post car lift power units. They may also be used on any compatible hydraulic lifts and/or scissor lifts. Each unit features a power up/gravity down function with the lowering movement controlled by the manual release valve. These power units are designed for vertical mount applications only. When you need quality, power, and affordability all rolled into one unit, trust AMGO Power Units to help protect your business.

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• Features a high pressure small displacement gear pump
• The inside of the oil pump is treated by a phosphate conversion coat
• The pump pressure can be adjusted
• Drop-in hydraulic cylinder can be controlled manually or electrically
• The power system consists of a closed structure to eliminate pollution from the outside world
• Can be equipped with a switching valve to achieve twice the lift
071203,071207 Diagram
Model Release Mode Phase Current
Rotate Speed 
Oil Tank
Total Length
L(mm) L1(mm)
071203 Electric 1PH 15-18.5 220V 60Hz 2HP 25 3450 2.1 11 805 563
071207 Electric 1PH 15-18.5 220V 60Hz 2HP 21 3450 2.1 6 595 353


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