110V 60Hz Manual Power Unit


This single-phase, 110 Volt, auto-hoist, AC power unit fits our Single Post Lifts and 408-P Parking Lift. This power unit is durable and strong enough for commercial or private applications.

The 1 ½ HP power unit gives you the strength you need to complete the toughest of jobs. The smaller design also allows for applications where space is limited, which is why we use it in our cabinetry to get the big jobs done, all while saving space and time.

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• Features a high pressure small displacement gear pump
• The inside of the oil pump is treated by a phosphate conversion coat
• The pump pressure can be adjusted
• Drop-in hydraulic cylinder can be controlled manually or electrically
• The power system consists of a closed structure to eliminate pollution from the outside world
• Can be equipped with a switching valve to achieve twice the lift

Model Release Mode Phase Current (Amps) Motor Volt Motor Power Pressure 


Rotate Speed (Rpm) Flow (cc/r) Oil Tank (L) Total Length
L(mm) L1(mm)
71103 Manual 1PH 14-18 110V 60Hz 1.5HP 21 3450 0.8 6 595 353


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