110V 60Hz Manual Power Unit




  • 110V single-phase 60Hz AC,Standard 3 meter US plug cable;
  • Cartridge high pressure relief valve, the relief pressure is set at 3000 PSI;
  • Cartridge high quality check valve and release valve, the leakage rate under 3000 PSI does not exceed 2 drops/min;
  • Oil outlet on both sides (3/8″ SAE screw thread);
  • 3/8″ NPT oil return port;
  • Both oil return flow and pressure are adjustable;
  • Equipped with 6L or 11L high-density polyethylene oil tanks;
  • 3 years warranty for hydraulic parts, 2 years warranty for electrical parts.


Model Release Mode Phase Current


MotorVolt Motor




 Rotate Speed




Oil Tank


Total Length
L(mm) L1(mm)
071103 Manual 1PH 14 110V 60Hz 1.0HP 21 3450 0.8 6 595 353
071109 Manual 1PH 14 110V 60Hz 1.0HP 21 3450 0.8 11 805 563


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