Wheel Support Adapter No.20806

This adapters can fast transform a two post lift from chassis support to wheel support. Provide a wide serviceability for various vehicles. Especially for EV maintenance & battery pack replacement and low chassis vehicles.


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  • Capacity: 1,650lbs each;
  • Optional accessories changing the lift from chassis-support to wheel-support;
  • Install on 2-post lift arms, with smart design, easy to fix or remove; suitable for all 2-post lifts of AMGO and most of the 2-post lifts in the market;
  • The best application to tire Rim Dia. range 15″-17″;
  • Suitable for the arm of 1 1/2” or 2” diameter hole;
  • Highly recommend for extremely low-chassis or electric vehicles maintenance & battery replacement;
  • G.W. 33 lbs each.



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