Four-Post / Scissors LED Strip

AMGO’s latest 2018 model LED lights have been designed with strong magnetic absorption and are suited for use on any four-post or scissor lift model. They are made from pure aluminum PCB, are environmentally friendly, durable, bend resistant, and have good heat dissipation.




Includes famous domestic engines and a strong driving force


Power: Input Voltage. 6W /C 24VAC/220VAC. Lumen Size. 100LM 18x11x1000mm.

Scissor Lifts and Four Post Lift diagram.


Long life. High-light effect. High coloration. No Strobe. nonradiative. better Heat dissipation. Low power consumption. Light attenuation.

Product Details

Stainless steel screw. Plastic rubber sleeve. Adjustable bracket. Chargin socket and switch.


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