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1. All anchor bolts should take full torque. If any of the bolts does not function for any reason, DO NOT use the lift until the bolt has been replaced.

2. Check the lift daily . If the model default or some parts damaged , stop the operation , repair the lift with original parts.

3.Do not overload the lift.The loading weight should under the manufacturer rated weight as indicated on the label.

4. The operation of the lift is permitted by authorised persons only;

5. Do not raise the vehicle while someone in; While the lift is raising , it is not allowed to stand under the lift;

6. Clear up the obstacle around and under the lift and make sure in the safe condition.

7. Make sure the lifting arms and rubber pads are in the proper place, do not drive the vehicle directly on the lifting arms and rubber pads to avoid damage the vehicle.

8. raise the lift slowly to the desired working height, ensuring the balance of vehicle, make sure the lift have been locked before repair the vehicle.

9. It’s necessary to read the service instructions of the vehicle carefully before disassembling or add some parts on the vehicle to avoid the centre of gravity of vehicle change while lifting.

10. Be sure clear of around and under the lift before lowering the lift.

11. Move away the lifting arms and rubber pads to make sure the car can drive away without any obstruction.