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Need alignment work done on everyday vehicles? This is the lift for you! With double safety locks to ensure you and your vEhicle are always safe, you can feel secure with yo ur work.

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Turn plates are not standard. Must be purchased separately 

•  10,000 lbs capacity;

•  Air-released safety lock for convenient operation and reliability
•  Mechanical self-lock and cable-breaking protection
•  Ø1/2" aircraft quality cable
•  Optional adjustable turnplate pockets to fit different wheel bases
•  Skid proof diamond platform
•  Hydraulic cylinders are designed and Made to high quality standards, high quality NOK seals
•  Strict quality control of cylinders with flow restrictors to keep a constant low sPeed
•  Optional Rolling Jacks:
-J6H 6,000lbs manual control
-J6A 6,000lbs pneumatic pump
•  More choices:
-Optional led lights: No. 40103
-Optional extension kits: No. 40902
-Optional air line kits: No. 40102.
Model PRO-10A
Style Alignment
Lifting Capacity 10,000 lbs (4500kg)
Lifting Time 45S
A:Overall Length (Inc.Ramps) 232 5/8" (5910mm)
B:Overall Length (No.Ramps) 196 3/4" (4998mm)
C:Overall Width 132 1/8" (3356mm)
D:Width Between Columns 118 1/8" (3000mm)
E: Lifting Height 75 3/8" (1915mm)
F:Overall Height 86" (2185mm)
G:Minimum Height 8 5/8" (220mm)
Gross Weight 2,520lbs (1143kg)
Motor  2.0HP, 220V/60Hz Single Phase

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