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PRO-10AWX the perfect choice of lift, with the combination of great performance and safety, for repairs, tire services, and wheel alignments for your commercial service. The PRO-10AWX, four post lift, is made stronger, more versatile, and easier to use while able to lift up to 10,000lbs.

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• 10,000 lbs capacity, 4-post lift with small scissor lift. Great for light-duty cars, vans, and trucks.
• Mechanical self-locking system and air-driven safety release.
• Dual safety mechanism provides additional safety.
• Adjustable turnplate pockets to fit different wheelbases.
• Skid proof diamond platform provides traction for tires to stay put.
• Aircraft quality cable is used for synchronization.
• Strict quality control of hydraulic cylinders with flow restrictor for a stable and smooth operational speed.
• Optional platform extension kits can extend the platform for an additional 24". Kit No.: 40902.
Model PRO-10AWX
Lifting Capacity 10,000lbs (4500kg)
Scissors Lifting Capacity 8,000lbs (3500kg)
Lifting Time 45S
A:Overall Length (Inc.Ramps) 232 5/8" (5910mm)
B:Overall Length(No.Ramps) 196 3/4" (4998mm)
C:Overall Width 126 1/4" (3208mm)
D:Width Between Columns 112 1/4" (2852mm)
E:Lifting Height 75 3/8" (1915mm)
F: Overall Height 86" (2185mm)
G: Minimum Height 8 5/8" (220mm)
H: Scissors Lifting height 16 1/2" (420mm)
I: Scissors Length 67 3/4"~81 1/2" (1720~2070mm)
Motor 2.0HP
Gross Weight              3461lbs(1570kg) 
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